Art and birth are so lovingly inseparable things in our lives. The art of loving and watching the little ones grow. The art of tucking them in before sleep and raising them surrounded with creativity... This could mean flying them aboard the hot air balloon of love every day, setting them down on a cloud every evening, and leaving them comfortably in warm arms of Teddy every night.

We are Ringaile and Goda - we are the creators of Day Dreamer World and two inseparable friends living in different corners of the world. Our friendship, as well as mutual ideas and aspirations challenges the time zones. Our biggest wish is to provide love and comfort to all the babies around the world when they eat, sleep, play and enjoy their lives. 

Driven by the desire to live surrounded by creative, playful and natural every day objects, we were inspired to create the Day Dreamer World. We believe that aesthetics and design go hand in hand, and set very high quality standards for all our products. We care about the tiniest details and everything we do - we do it with unconditional love, which, we hope, will be felt with every our product you possess.


With Love,

Ringaile & Goda